Krytyczne elementy systemów naftowych w basenach sedymentacyjnych Polski

Paweł Henryk Karnkowski, Irena Matyasik


Critical elements of petroleum systems in the sedimentary basins in Poland.
A b s t r a c t. Progress in geological, geophysical and drilling sciences during the past 30 years has introduced to hydrocarbon exploration the concept of petroleum system, understood as an analysis of the factors necessary for formation and preservation of oil and natural gas deposits. The final evaluation of petroleum system is the product of all factors involved in the formation of hydrocarbon accumulations, which must be preserved proper chronology of events in the geological space. Such interdependences build often synergistic or antagonistic configurations. These configurations are called critical elements of the petroleum system. Reliable and comprehensive analysis of critical elements of petroleum system in sedimentary basins in Poland lets identify potential new areas of hydrocarbon exploration. In this context, a particularly promising area is the petroleum system of the Pi³a Claystone Formation (central part of the Polish Rotliegend Basin) and deep "Carpathians" with their palaeo-mesozoic basement and deeper part of the Carpathian Foredeep.

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