Klasyczne stanowiska paleontologiczne górnej kredy zachodniej Ukrainy: historia badań oraz biostratygrafia


  • Marcin Machalski
  • Oksana Malchyk


Classic palaeontological sites in the Upper Cretaceous of western Ukraine: history of research and biostratigraphy.A b s t r a c t. For a long time, outcrops at Potelych, Nahoryany and Lviv in western Ukraine have been of special interest for Campanian and Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) palaeontology and biostratigraphy. An overview of studies devoted to these classic sites is presented, including an early account of the locality of Nahoryany in a Polish newspaper, dated 1843. The biostratigraphic position of these successions is reviewed, based on recent progress in studies of inoceramid bivalves and ammonites. The succession at Potelych, from where a unique land flora was described at the beginning of the 20th century, represents the upper Campanian “Inoceramus” costaecus Zone. The Nahoryany opoka, the source of rich fossil collections that were sent to many European museums in the 19th century, belongs to the lower Maastrichtian Endocostea typica and Trochoceramus radiosus zones. The so-called Lviv marls correspond to the lower upper Maastrichtian Spyridoceramus tegulatus Zone. The giant scaphitid ammonites Hoploscaphites quadrispinosus and Acanthoscaphites tridens s. str. from Potelych and Nahoryany corroborate the inoceramid-based dating of these successions



Geochemia, mineralogia, petrologia