Czwartorzęd Zatoki Pomorskiej i perspektywy surowcowe

Regina Kramarska, Wojciech Jegliński, Dorota Kaulbarsz, Urszula Pączek, Piotr Przezdziecki, Izabela Bojakowska, Dorota Koszka-Maroń, Justyna Relisko-Rybak, Szymon Uścinowicz


The Quaternary of the Pomerania Bay and prospects of raw materials.
A b s t r a c t. This paper summarizes four years of geological research in the Pomerania Bay and Oder Bank. As a result of the synthesis of new and archival data,we have compiled maps, cross-sections and models depicting the geological structure of the Quaternary and its basement, and the relief of structural surfaces. Two main seismostratigraphic sedimentary complexes are distinguished. The first corresponds to Pleistocene glacial and interstadial deposits. The second one is composed of Late Glacial and Holocene lacustrine- swamp and marine sediments. The outline of geochemical condition of the sea bottom is also presented. The content of the elements is always below the acceptable concentration and the origin of the elements is geogenic. Special attention has been given to mineral resources on the bottom surface and to documenting deposits of sand containing heavy minerals. The characterization of areas with sands suitable for beach nourishment and valorization of deposits and prospective areas have also been of great importance. The history of the development of the geological structure and palaeogeography of the area is the summary of the results.

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