Możliwości wykorzystania energii geotermalnej w rejonie aglomeracji warszawskiej na tle analizy kosztów finansowych

Mariusz Socha, Andrzej Sadurski, Lesław Skrzypczyk


Possibilities of geothermal energy utilisation in theWarsaw urban area on the background of cost analysis.
A b s t r a c t. The Warsaw region has opportunity to utilise geothermal energy for heating and recreation. Lower Cretaceous and Lower Jurassic aquifers are the most prospective for the utilisation of this renewable
energy. The heat flow value is low in this region and does not exceed 60 mW/m2. The hydrogeological factor of exploitation wells is the permeability of the aquifers and possibility of thermal water flow. The active porosity at a depth of 3000 m is too low for groundwater abstraction. Investments in geothermal installations are not profitable and are not supported by local communities. Thus, the investment in geothermal installation bears
a significant economic risk. Expected Monetary Value ( EMV) is the proposed method for evaluation of profitable expected economic effect. The hazards of economic loses or yield of profit are the basis for the decision makers.

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