ARTYKUŁY INFORMACYJNE „Minerals 4EU – Europejska sieć informacyjna zaopatrzenia w surowce mineralne ” – jeden z wiodących projektów komisji europejskiej ostatnich lat

Barbara Radwanek-Bąk


“Minerals 4EU – European Sustainable Minerals Intelligence Network” – one of European Commission’s leading projects of recent years.
A b s t r a c t. In 2013–2015, the PGI-NRI participated in the implementation of one of the leading projects of EU raw materials in recent years, Minerals4EU – European Information Network on mineral raw materials. Its goal was to create the first European-scale complex and a public information network of mineral raw materials that would work in a continuous system after the completion of the project. The scope of information gathered in the network and updated on a regular basis includes data on: production, trade, demand and market conditions in the field of primary and secondary minerals. The project partners were the teams representing geological surveys of 27 European countries and several specialized research institutes. PGI-NRI actively participated in two of the six workpackages of task forces, also helping the other ones.
Apart from presenting the project tasks and the effects of its implementation the publication presents in a synthetic way the results of research on the condition of availability of mineral deposits in the European Union countries, carried out by the author in the preparation of foresight on raw materials for Europe. During the study, the main causes of restrictions in accessibility of mineral deposits were identified and their trends were rated and described, pointing out to the necessary actions and measures, using the examples of good
practice in this area. The studies are important, cognitive and applicable.

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