Charakterystyka mineralogiczno-petrograficzna utworów klastycznych Gór Pieprzowych (Wyżyna Sandomierska) i produktów ich wietrzenia

Beata Naglik, Wiesław Heflik, Lucyna Natkaniec-Nowak


Mineralogical and petrographic characteristics of clastic rocks of the Mts. (Sandomierz Upland) and their weathering cover.
A b s t r a c t. Clay shales and mudstones from the Pieprzowe Mts. Shale Formation and their weathering cover were investigated for mineralogy and petrography in order to reconstruct weathering processes that led to crystallization of secondary sulphates. White crusts occurring on Cambrian pyrite-bearing rocks are a product of hypergenic alteration in low pH conditions and Al-rich environment. They are composed of pickeringite [MgAl2(SO4)4*22 H2O] accompanied by alunogen [Al2(SO4)3*17 H2O] and small amounts of
epsomite [MgSO4 *7H2O].

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