Jaką klasyfikację gruntów powinniśmy stosować w Polsce po przyjęciu normy Eurokod 7?

Waldemar St. Szajna


Which soil classification system should be used in Poland after Eurocode 7 adoption?
A b s t r a c t. The paper contributes to a discussion referring to soil classification which should be used in Polandfor geotechnical design after Eurocode 7 was adopted. The paper points out that ISO 14688-2 standard does not provide a complete soil classification system, but it merely formulates guidelines for a country to prepare the national classification. The author analysed the role of soil classification in geotechnics. The subsequent chapters include: requirements for desirable features for a “good” soil classification, principles for a classification resulting from the state of the art in soil mechanics, the characteristics of several systems and standards of soil classification used in various countries with reference to the classification previously used in Poland. Finally, the author presents the proposals referring to a system which should be applied in our country.

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