Z MINIONYCH CZASÓW Współpraca Antonio Raimondiego (1824–1890) z polskimi przyrodnikami i inżynierami w Peru

Radosław Tarkowski


Cooperation of Antonio Raimondi (1824–1890) with the Polish naturalists and engineers.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the achievements and results of nature research conducted with the participation of Poles (engineers and natural scientists) in Peru in the 19th century. The naturalists worked with Antonio Raimondi (1824–1890), an outstanding organizer of scientific research in Peru. It has been found that the contribution of Poles to the knowledge of nature (flora and fauna, geography, geology) is much greater than previously thought. This contribution has not been duly studied, appreciated and disseminated in Poland and in South America. The conclusion is that this issue is worthy of wider investigation by an interdisciplinary team of scientists.

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