Zmiany klimatu w holocenie

Leszek Marks


Climate change in the Holocene.
A b s t r a c t. Climate has been changing since the beginning of the Earth. During the Holocene the climate has not changed much but there were both warmer and cooler episodes. Varying insolation is the main reason for climate change during the Holocene. All other reasons, including among others changes of the Earth orbital parameters (Milankovitch cycles) and thermohaline oceanic circulation played a secondary role. Occasional volcanic eruptions were climatic disasters but usually on a local or regional scale and only in a short time. A record of climate change during the Holocene indicates its great influence on the development and decline of ancient civilizations and societies. From a geological point of view there is no reasonable record suggesting that contents of CO2 in the atmosphere played a predominant role of in the ongoing climate change during the last century

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