Ocena jakości wybranych wapieni jurajskich stosowanych w budownictwie na podstawie pomiaru ich energii pękania przy uderzeniu i mikrotwardości metodą Knoopa

Marek Rembiś


The quality of selected Jurassic limestones utilized for building purposes as determined from their energy of rupture by impact and the Knoop microhardness.
A b s t r a c t. The Jurassic limestones of Botticino Classico (Italy), Bilecik Beige (Turkey) and Morawica (Poland) are commonly used in the construction practice as facing and slab stones. Petrographic investigations revealed that the rocks are not homogenous in their inner development, and despite a similar age and a comparable genesis, differ also in their mechanical properties. The structural and textural rock features affect their resistance to the impact force measured as the rupture energy, according to the standard PN-EN 14158:2005. The varying structure and mineral composition of these limestones result in their different microhardness values measured with the Knoop method (PN-EN 14205:2004). The variability of the lithological parameters makes possible establishing the resistance of these rocks to some damaging factors of the mechanical character on a wider scale than applying other commonly used methods of the stone quality evaluation.

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