Ocena wielkości współczynnika potencjalnej redukcji azotanów w wodach podziemnych dla obszaru Polski

Anna J. Żurek, Przemysław Wachniew, Stanisław Witczak


Assessment of the index of potential nitrate reduction in groundwater in the area of Poland.
A b s t r a c t. During transport from the field to the sea nitrogen undergoes natural reduction resulted mainly from denitrification, but with large spatial variations. In the present study, a map for spatially variable nitrate reduction in groundwater in the area of Poland is presented. The map was preparing following 3 steps: (i) identification of major hydrogeological units (Lowland and Mountain-Upland Provinces); (ii) identification of dominating lithology with use lithotypes classifications from Groundwater Vulnerability Map of Poland in scale 1 : 500 000; (iii) estimation of the influence of artificial drainage. The resulted distribution of nitrate reduction coefficient reveals a distinct bimodality related to the sharp contrast in hydrogeology between the two provinces.

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