Ocena zasobów ujęcia wód podziemnych w Świniarsku k. Nowego Sącza z wykorzystaniem modelowania numerycznego

Robert Zdechlik, Waldemar Morański


Assessment of groundwater resources of the Świniarsko (near Nowy Sącz) intake based on numerical modelling.
A b s t r a c t. This article presents research to identify the environmental possibilities of groundwater flow into an intake, excluding the technical aspects of its construction and functioning. The purpose of the study was to set down the so-called water intake potential, which is understood as the highest possible amount of extracted water at the well location, without considering constructional and technological aspects. The research object is a groundwater intake near Świniarsko, used for water supply in Nowy Sącz. A numerical hydrogeological model of the capture area was prepared, which, after calibration, was used for quantitative predictions. The results
show that the water exploitation potential (11,130 m3/d) is significantly higher than the current consumption (2,362 m3/d).

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