Modelowanie numeryczne w celu oceny wpływu eksploatacji rud miedzi w Lubińsko-Głogowskim Obszarze Miedzionośnym na warunki eksploatacji ujęcia „Sobin–Jędrzychów”

Karol Zawistowski


Numerical modelling of the impact of copper ore mining on explotation conditions of the “Sobin–Jędrzychów” groundwater intake, Lubin–Głogów Mining District.
A b s t r a c t. Drainage of aquifers, processing of copper ores, and surface storage of extractive wastes (post-processing copper ore tailings) accompanying the mining activities in the Lubin–Głogów Copper Ore District (LGOM), SW Poland, affect the natural environment of the area, including surface and groundwaters. The paper focuses on assessment of the influence of this processes on operating conditions of the “Sobin–Jędrzychów” groundwater intake. In order to simulate the aquifer and processes, a multiple (7) layer numerical model was developed and water balance calculations were performed. MODPATH computational particle tracking analysis was used to analyze migration of pollutants from the foreground of the “Gilów” tailings storage into the subsurface, including deeper aquifers. The modelling studies have shown that the impact of mining drainage on groundwater resources is rather insignificant in the area of the “Sobin–Jędrzychów” intake. However, its southern part may be negatively influenced by migration of pollutants from the front of the “Gilów” tailings storage.

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