Jakość wód podziemnych w obszarze projektowanego ujęcia w Wojkowicach (trias, GZWP Bytom)

Jacek Różkowski, Krzysztof Jóźwiak, Sylwester Sadowski, Sławomir Wesołowski


Water quality of the Triassic aquifer in the area of groundwater flow to the designed well inWojkowice (MGB Bytom).
Ab s t r a c t . The paper discusses the quality of water of the Triassic aquifer in an anthropogenically changed area of water inflow to the designed groundwater intake W-1 in Wojkowice. The results are based on chemical determinations and hydrochemical modelling, and document the useful character of the water. The water is of quality classes II–IV and shows increased contents of SO4, NO3, Mg and high values of total hardness. Bacteriological pollution was found in springs.

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