Analiza stężeń azotanów w wodach podziemnych Polski (2004–2015) z uwzględnieniem obszarów narażonych na zanieczyszczenie ze źródeł rolniczych

Anna Rojek, Karolina Piskorek, Anna Kuczyńska, Dorota Palak-Mazur


Analysis of nitrate concentrations in groundwater of Poland (2004-2015), including areas vulnerable to pollution from agricultural sources.
Ab s t r a c t . The paper presents variability of average NO3 concentrations in groundwater in the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) and other locations across Poland. Data for the reporting periods 2004–2007, 2008–2011 and 2012–2015 were analyzed according to the Nitrates Directive (91/676/EWG) and European Commission requirements. In general, from 2004 to 2015, the average NO3 concentrations in most of the monitoring points were stable, however, somewhat higher variations were observed in the NVZ. The NO3
concentrations were reduced in 17.21% of the monitoring points located in NVZ, while an increase of NO3 concentration was noticed in 23.77% of points. For all other locations across Poland, reduction of NO3 concentrations was recorded in 17.02%, and an increase in 18.5% of points. Results of long-term monitoring indicate a necessity of further nitrate pollution control in groundwater. Constant measurement of NO3 concentrations in monitoring points is crucial in detecting and preventing agricultural pressure.

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