Warunki hydrogeochemiczne i podatność na zanieczyszczenie wód podziemnych w zlewni górnej Raduni

Małgorzata Pruszkowska-Caceres, Dawid Potrykus


Hydrochemical conditions and groundwater vulnerability in the upper Radunia river catchment area.
A b s t r a c t.The paper presents results of long-term studies in the Kashubian Lake district that have been completed with data gathered over the last five years. The purpose of this research was to assess a temporal variability of groundwater chemical composition and to analyze risk of pollutant migration to subsurface water. Investigation indicates local, however, significant anthropogenic influence on a shallow aquifers.The assessment of shallow groundwater vulnerability to pollution has been performed with the use of DRASTIC method. The results revealed that about 60% of the catchment area is moderately high susceptible to pollution and 28% is potentially at high risk. The use of DRASTIC method has helped to explain the causes of a local contaminants in shallow aquifers.

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