Stan chemiczny wód podziemnych aglomeracji łódzkiej

Jerzy J. Małecki, Dorota Porowska, Ewa Styrkowiec, Maciej Ziułkiewicz


Chemical status of groundwater of the Łódź agglomeration.
A b s t r a c t. The article identifies the hydrogeochemical environments controlling the chemical composition of groundwater in the Lódż agglomeration. The study was conducted with a different position of the groundwater table within: the Quaternary, Upper- and Lower Cretaceous aquifers. These aquifers are continuously exploited from a long time till present. The papers focuses on geogenic factors resulting from geological construction, lithology, circulation in the Lódź basin and anthropogenic factors associated with the change of the circulation system and the potential migration of pollution from the surface. The chemical composition of water from the Quaternary, Upper- and Lower Cretaceous aquifers was stable, without any anthropogenic changes. The hydrochemical inversion of water within the Cretaceous aquifers is the result of the different lithology of these aquifers and the variation in the way and magnitude of groundwater recharge.

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