Charakterystyka hydrochemiczna wód w rejonie Polskiej Stacji Polarnej im. H. Arctowskiego na Wyspie Króla Jerzego (Szetlandy Południowe)

Tomasz Krogulec, Ewa Krogulec, Jerzy Małecki, Paweł Pietrzykowski, Paweł Dobak


Hydrochemical characteristics of water in the area of Arctowski Polish Polar Station on King George Island (Southern Shetlands).
A b s t r a c t. The research was carried out during Antarctic summer 2015/2016 in the region of Arctowski Polish Polar Station on King George Island (Southern Shetlands) in Admiralty Bay in Antarctica. The scope of hydrochemical studies included selected elements: temperature, pH, dry residue, general slurry, ammonium ion, nitrates, macroelements (chlorides, sulphates, magnesium, bicarbonates and carbonates, sodium, magnesium and calcium) and some microelements. Surface water and groundwater are low mineralized and do not show anthropogenic impact. The results of physicochemical tests have been compared with marine water chemistry and few available archival data, which allowed the assessment of water quality and the attempt to identify the groundwater flow direction.

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