Geogeniczne anomalie chlorkowe w wodach podziemnych poziomów użytkowych Polski centralnej

Dorota Kaczor-Kurzawa


Geogenic chlorides anomalies in groundwater of useful aquifers in Central Poland.
A b s t r a c t . Zones of Cl anomalies in Mesozoic and Cenozoic aquifers, defined as groups of wells with concentration of the chloride ion in groundwater exceeding 60 mg/dm3, were mapped on the basis of 12 000 archival chemical analyses. These zones are predominantly developed in tectonic conditions enabling the inflow of Mesozoic salt waters into useful aquifers: 1) fault zones, 2) hydrogeological windows above salt anticlines and elevated tectonic blocks, and 3) salt diapirs. As a result, significant decline in groundwater quality has been reported from many intakes due to the elevated concentration of chlorides, sodium and the amonium ion.

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