Dwadzieścia pięć lat doświadczeń w uzdatnianiu wód podziemnych w warstwie wodonośnej na ujęciu Wroniawy dla miasta Wolsztyna

Józef Górski


Twenty-five years of experience in groundwater treatment in the aquifer on the Wroniawy water capture forWolsztyn town.
A b s t r a c t. The water supply forWolsztyn town and the surrounding villages is located in theWarsaw–Berlin ice-marginal valley near the village of Wroniawy. In the early 1990s, a method of groundwater treatment in the aquifer (Hydrox method) was implemented on this water capture. The implementation was preceded by application of a pilot study at one of the wells of the Wroniawy well-field in 1978. Based on the positive results of the pilot study, the method was implemented over the entire well-field, currently consisting of 8 wells that extract water from the ice-marginal aquifer with a yield of approx. 7000 m3/day. The method is used for more than 25 years and allows for the efficient removal of iron and manganese, and for the improvement of water quality in relation to colour, ammonia nitrogen and oxidability. Positive effects are achieved despite major changes in water chemistry in operating conditions related to the inflow of water of poor quality from the central part of the ice-marginal valley and fromWroniawy village. Moreover, application of the method allows for the long-term operation of wells (the oldest wells have been working for more than 20 years) under adverse hydrochemical conditions. The positive effects of treatment, as well as the positive economic effects as compared to traditional treatment, are achieved through the use of appropriate technical solutions and, above all, by proper observance of technological regimes recognized by the operator under hydrogeological supervision. Positive results obtained on theWroniawy well-field are worth promoting, taking into consideration the fact that implementation of the method in Poland in some cases was improperly conducted, without hydrogeological supervision, which did not allow for obtaining good treatment effects.

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