Zmienność składu chemicznego wód podziemnych zlewni Ścinawki (Sudety Środkowe)

Linda Chudzik, Tomasz Kotowski


Variation of groundwater chemical composition within the Ścinawka River catchment, Central Sudetes.
A b s t r a c t. The Ścinawka River catchment is located in the middle part of the Sudetes, in the Polish-Czech border area. This multiaquifer system, forming a fissured-porous medium for groundwater, is mostly drained through its hypergenic zone. The most common hydrochemical types are Ca–Mg–HCO3 and Ca–HCO3, some addition of sulphates may occur. No substantial depth-related differences in the concentrations of most of the analyzed ions have been found. The multi-aquifer system is relatively homogenous with respect to groundwater chemistry, which indicates occurrence of strong hydraulic contacts between the individual aquifers. The observed increased concentrations of some ions (U, Th, Li) may be an effect of groundwater intrusions from the deeper parts of the multi-aquifer system. Chemical composition of the groundwater is locally modified by ion exchange processes.

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