Ekstremalne zdarzenia meteorologiczne i ich odzwierciedlenie w stanach wód podziemnych (przykłady z Dolnego Śląska)

Stanisław Staśko, Robert Tarka, Sebastian Buczyński


Extreme weather events and their effect on the groundwater level. Examples from Lower Silesia.
A b s t r a c t . This article presents the impact of meteorological and hydrologic droughts on the groundwater level (so-called hydrogeological drought) based on selected examples from Lower Silesia (SW Poland). The reduction in discharge rate and size in springs, and the duration of low stages in relation to the selected river flows are presented. Groundwater level fluctuations in shallow and deeper aquifers are discussed. The study shows the length of delayed reaction of groundwater in deeper aquifers levels. Examples of effects due to flooding by surface water on the position of groundwater levels in river valleys are presented. Description of the reaction in groundwater, in terms of temporal and spatial extent, is also given. Both periods of hydrogeological drought and flooding events create significant problems for rational water management, especially in the areas of water intakes for individual, rural and large agglomerations.

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