Wpływ odwzorowania warunków hydrostrukturalnych na jakość regionalnego numerycznego modelu filtracji

Jacek Gurwin, Rafał Serafin


Influence of the mapping of hydrostructural conditions on the quality of the regional numerical flow model.
A b s t r a c t. Research and documentation in connection with investigations of protection areas of Major Groundwater Basins (MGBs) and the establishment of disposable resources have been the most important regional projects in recent years. The degree of complexity of hydrogeological conditions and the need to consider a number of simplifications makes introduction of standard schematization principles difficult. Therefore it is necessary to focus on the maximum use of data and existing geoinformatic tools for the construction of threedimensional regional models. After all, obtaining the most important and basic result of a flow net, we should base on the solution in the xyz coordinates and the analysis of equipotential lines and pathlines in the 3D space. T-type models are therefore doubtful and not suitable in MGBs recognition.

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