Ustalanie zasobów dyspozycyjnych wód podziemnych w obszarach bilansowych przy użyciu Generatora Poboru Wirtualnego – mechanizm i wyniki

Lech Śmietański, Elżbieta Przytuła, Sławomir Filar, Aneta Starościak


The assessment of the availvable ground water resources in the catchment areas using the Virtual Wells Generator – mechanism and results.
A b s t r a c t. The available ground water resources assessment in Poland is now the biggest hydrogeological project run by the Polish Hydrogeological Survey with the use of the numerical modelling based on the Modflow ground water flow simulator standard. All the presently used Modflow-based graphic environments are the tools designed to simulate the wells hydrodynamic impact but not the groundwater resources on the regional scale. This paper presents the tool generating data allowing for the simulation of the ground water regional with drawal leading to the assessment of the ground water resources in the area of a given catchment. This tool
called the Virtual Wells Generator is based on the constant volume transformation concept and is compatible with one of the popular ground water flow modelling environments. The results of the ground water resources assessment calculations with the use of this generator illustrate the method.

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