Uruchomienie ujęcia zwykłych wód podziemnych – prawo, teoria i praktyka

Marek Rasała, Anna Tunak-Grzybowska, Kamil Pajewski


Commissioning of a groundwater intake – law, theory and practice.
A b s t r a c t. The paper discusses some of the legal provisions governing commissioning of groundwater intakes. Well drilling and obtaining official approval of the exploitable resources report submitted, followed by obtaining a decision on environmental conditions and finally a permit for execution of water facilities still does not guarantee the investor shall be granted the desired water exploitation permit in the requested quantities. Therefore, some local governments have added an additional layer of locally-binding procedural requirements on top of the broader regulations in force, with safeguarding the interests of investors in mind. Situation of wells where water exploitation is of a seasonal nature (e.g. for agricultural irrigation) is somewhat peculiar as the issue is under-regulated. Seasonal water exploitation is not fully taken into account in the legal definitions of hydrogeological terms (e.g. exploitable resources of an intake), leading to errors in hydrogeological documentation. Such errors include those due to varied requirements of individual geological administration bodies, for example as concerns ways of determining the impact of intake operation.

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