Wpływ składu granulometrycznego na wybrane właściwooeci fizyczne zwietrzelin granitu karkonoskiego

Piotr Pezowicz


The particle size distribution impact on selected physical properties of Karkonosze weathered granite.
A b s t r a c t. The construction of earthen structure such as embankments or flood embankments requires soils that are easy to compact and also are close to the projected investment. The physical properties analysis of Karkonosze weathered granites are purposeful in this case. According to PN-S-02205:1998 such soils may be used in the lower part of the embankments, below the freezing zone and are classified as useful with attention. The soil material selection, used to build the embankment, is mainly determined by the particle size distribution, coefficient of uniformity and coefficient of graining non-uniformity calculated on the basis of grain size curve.
The next step, for such soil, is possibility of obtaining compaction index Is and a dynamic modulus of elasticity E2 – according to the investment concerned design. The material meets the selection criteria is directly used to build the embankment. In this work, an attempt was made to characterize the Karkonosze weathered granites for their usefulness to construct embankments, mainly based on the granulometric composition and selected physical properties.

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