Wskazania metodyczne na potrzeby reambulacji dokumentacji GZWP wykonanych przed 2008 r.

Józef Mikołajków, Grzegorz Olesiuk, Agnieszka Piasecka


Methodical assumptions for rewriting MGB records done before 2008.
A b s t r a c t. Records for main groundwater basins (MGB), prepared between the 1990ties and 2008, differ from each other in many aspects, e.g. in form, amount of information, conclusions, and recommendations for land development in MGB protection zones. According to the methodology, all orders, bans and limitations for land development must be legal, compatible with the methodology of determining MGB protection zones (Herbich et al., 2009) and specified in a way that forces their unambiguous interpretation. The instruction of adapting records for MGBs done before 2008 was written on the basis of experiences with rewriting the first 30 MGB records. This instruction contains the recommendations for the adaptation of a set of 27 MGB records, which were mentioned in the regulation of the Minister of the Environment. Records for MGBs and for groundwater resources that included MGBs were considered as documented prior to 2008. The range of further activities has been determined based on detailed information on MGBs from these reports. Adaptation of the records can be done two wise – as a new regular record or as a supplement to the already existing record.

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