Ocena zasobów odnawialnych wód podziemnych Pomorza Zachodniego na podstawie modelu symulacyjnego WetSpass

Joanna Kajewska-Szkudlarek, Justyna Kubicz, Ireneusz Kajewski, Paweł Dąbek


Assessment of renewable groundwater resources in Western Pomerania based on the WetSpass simulation model.
A b s t r a c t . The aim of the study was to the assess Western Pomeranian renewable groundwater resources in relation to climate change. The objective was accomplished by simulating the water balance components in two periods of 1971–2000 and 1981–2010, differing in terms of climatic parameters (precipitation, evaporation, air temperature and wind speed). The results of the simulation calculations allowed to assess the impact of climate change on the water balance structure of Western Pomerania and particularly on groundwater recharge. The data for the simulation calculations in the WetSpass model were included 8 numerical maps (raster), representing the basic elements of the climate, land use, types of soil (due to soil texture), depth of the groundwater table and terrain slopes. As a result of the simulation calculations, raster maps of the spatial distribution of particular elements of the water balance were obtained sub-divided into the summer and winter seasons and for the whole year.

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