Problematyka szacowania kosztów ustanawiania obszarów ochronnych wybranych GZWP w utworach czwartorzędowych w regionie środkowej Odry

Jacek Gurwin, Katarzyna Sowińska, Mirosław Wąsik


The problem of estimating costs of establishing protection areas in selected MGBs in the Quaternary aquifers of the Middle Odra region.
A b s t r a c t. One of the important tasks of state policy is to protect groundwater against quantitative and qualitative degradation. Estimation of costs of establishing protection areas of MGBs is of crucial meaning taking into account the balance between the costs of prohibitions and restrictions and the benefits related to the value of protected groundwater resources. The costs have been evaluated on the basis of a legal opinion, where the key components are major prohibitions that take into account the assumptions of the Water Law, the Environmental Protection Act, and the Local Spatial Development Plans. The analysis was based on two MGBs located in the Central Odra region, characterized by different sizes, hydrogeological conditions and development, both of Quaternary age. The land cover and the development of the area are key factors influencing potential compensations and conflicts. The final results of the calculations with accuracy to the municipality have shown a strong dominance of the benefits of the existence and protection of both MGBs
over the possible costs.

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