Hydrogeochemiczna i regionalna charakterystyka występowania wód termalnych na Spitsbergenie

Robert Tarka, Tomasz Olichwer


Hydrogeochemical and regional characteristics of ther mal waters occur rences in Spitsbergen.
A b s t r a c t. On Spitsbergen there are four areas of occurrence of ther mal spring waters. The studies of these waters have a long history dating back to the nineteenth century. Outflows of thermal waters are associated with tectonic discontinuities, where subpermafrost waters can flow to the surface area. The maximum temperatures of dis charged thermal water exceed 25°C. The chemical composition of thermal waters from northern Spitsbergen derived from relict sea water, which is then modified by rainwaters, waters of melting permafrost and contemporary sea waters. On the other hand, on the southern Spitsbergen thermal waters are characterized by a lower mineralization and there are contemporary waters involved in the deep circulation. Thermal waters with low mineralization are mainly multi-ions with dominate type bicarbonate-chloride-sodium-calcium. Thermo-mineral waters belong mainly to the types of chloride-sodium and chloride-bicarbonate-sodium.

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