Modelowanie hydrogeochemiczne wód termalnych eksploatowanych z trzech ujęć geotermalnych w Bańskiej Niżnej (Podhale)

Klaudia Sekuła, Barbara Tomaszewska, Katarzyna Wątor, Ewa Kmiecik, Anna Mika


Hydrogeochemical modelling of thermal waters exploited from three geothermal wells in Bańska Niżna (Podhale, south Poland).
A b s t r a c t . The exploitation of thermal waters from the Triassic, Jurassic and carbonate Eocen is conducted by PEC Geothermia Podhalańska with three wells: Bańska PGP-1, Bańska PGP-3 and Bańska IG-1. The groundwater discharge rates from each well change over time, depending on the energy requirements of the heating installation. As a consequence, the proportions of water exploited by the wells and mixed in the heating system are fluctuating. This paper presents results of physicochemical research of water from geothermal wells, which were carried out under various operating conditions. The data were used to evaluate changes in the hydrogeochemical specificity of water exploited from individual wells and mixed in the installation. Hydrogeochemical modelling was performed with the analysis of changes of ion speciation depending on the exploitation parameters. Consideration is given to the results obtained during the summer, when the water extraction rate is lower (providing energy coverage for hot water) and in the winter, when
the extraction rate is considerably higher (for heat and hot water supply). The results of the modelling allow identification of the impact of the performance parameters of the wells on the water characteristics of the system before and after geothermal heat exchangers.

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