Analiza hydrogeochemiczna wód siarczkowych obszaru Niecki Nidziańskiej na podstawie badań ich naturalnych wypływów

Iwona Lipiec


Hydrogeochemical analysis of sulphurous waters in the Nida Basin based on the study of their natural outflows.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the results of the hydrogeochemical analysis of sulphurous waters in the southern part of Poland in the Nida Basin region for a time span of 2014–2016. In this area occur four chemical types of natural outflows of sulphurous waters. These are: water of the SO4–(HCO3)–Ca, S type (spring Piestrzec and Senisławice), Cl–SO4–HCO3–Na, S (s. Owczary); Cl–SO4–Na, S (s. Gadawa); Cl–Na, S, I (s. Szczerbaków).Water mineralization of varies from 2.4 to 50.6 g/dm3. Geochemical modeling with Phreeqc
allowed to determine the saturation state of the water solution relative to the mineral phases of the rock medium.

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