Zmienność parametrów eksploatacyjnych i fizykochemicznych wód leczniczych ujęcia Zubrzyk w warunkach współoddziaływania otworów

Tomasz Kotowski, Agnieszka Operacz


Variability of operational and physicochemical parameters of therapeutic waters under conditions of interaction between the wells of the Zubrzyk intake.
A b s t r a c t . Within the Poprad Valley, groundwater is found often as therapeutic, carbonated waters with high CO2 concentrations. An attempt was made to assess the interactions of wells with therapeutic waters, operating in the area of Zubrzyk. In order to determine whether the interaction of wells does not cause changes in the nature of the exploited waters, an analysis of the variability of selected operational and physicochemical parameters was performed. The obtained results confirm the mosaic nature of the CO2 inflow from the depths of the Earth and indicate a different effect of the operation on parameters observed in well. The differences relate mainly to depression of water level and the preconditions of directions and magnitude of electrolytic conductivity in exploited water.

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