Elementy środowiska analizowane w ocenie zagrożenia zawodnieniem powierzchni terenów górniczych kopalń podziemnych

Dariusz Ignacy, Przemysław Bukowski


Environmental elements analysed in the assessment of surface flooding threat at underground mining areas.
A b s t r a c t. The paper provides an overview analysis concerning the major elements of the environment of mining areas, described based on research to develop a method for the assessment of flooding threat in mining areas. The mechanism of flooding-induced changes in the surface of mining areas under conditions of restoring natural water flows in the USCB is analyzed. The state-of-the-art has been discussed in the context of environmental elements used to evaluate water invasion in mining and post-mining areas, taken from hydrogeology, hydrology, mining, and environmental protection studies. The selected features of the mining environment are characterized, in particular: the area limiting the flow of water, including the surface of the mining area and the aquifer base, local outflow bases and local water drainage basins, depression funnel, hydraulic connections between mines, surface waterways and natural lakes and ponds as well as inundated areas, floods, morphological troughs, depression and non-flood basins.

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