Zmienność parametrów chemicznych i izotopowych wody z odwiertu Franciszek w Wysowej-Zdroju

Marek Duliński, Paulina Dembska-Sięka, Lucyna Rajchel, Zbigniew Gorczyca


Variability of chemical and isotopic parameters of water from the Franciszek borehole in the Wysowa-Zdrój.
A b s t r a c t. Mixing of two water components and simultaneous contact with geogenic carbon dioxide are the characteristic features of water from the Franciszek borehole in theWysowa-Zdrój. During the last 45 years a systematic, slow decrease of water mineralization of this borehole has been observed. This may be due to several reasons: i) increased contribution of the infiltration component in the total inflow to the well, ii) gradual decrease of mineralization of diagenetic water or, iii) local changes of gaseous, geogenic carbon dioxide within the reservoir. Results of chemical and stable isotope measurements from the timespan of 42 years are discussed in the paper. The PHREEQC code was used in the analysis of chemical data and in the numerical simulation of possible processes leading to the observed changes in the water mineralization. Results of chemical calculations and stable isotope data are consistent and prove that decrease of water mineralization in the Franciszek borehole is caused by increased contribution of water of infiltration origin.

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