Zastosowanie wybranych metod badań masywów skalnych do oceny warunków hydrogeologicznych kopalń węgla kamiennego GZW

Przemysław Bukowski, Katarzyna Niedbalska, Iwona Augustyniak, Andrzej Haładus, Karol Kura, Tadeusz Małaszuk


Selected methods of investigating the solid rock environment and their application in the assessment of hydrogeological conditions of hard coal mines in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin.
A b s t r a c t. The paper characterizes selected methods of studying the sources of water hazard and solid rocks properties useful in the assessment of hydrogeological conditions of hard coal mines. Particular attention was paid to the measurement method of rock permeability using the unique PDPK-400 equipment in the assessment of filtration conditions and conditions of water flow in post-exploitation goafs and trough safety pillars. The possibilities of using an oedometer in the evaluation of permeability of post-exploitation goafs have been indicated. The usefulness of some investigation methods of the rock environment as sources of input
data for numerical modelling of filtration have also been shown.

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