Przegląd metod oczyszczania gruntów i wód gruntowych in situ

Sylwia Janiszewska, Tomasz Białobrzeski, Ewa Kruszyńska, Kamil Ciepiela


Selected contemporary in-situ methods of soil and groundwater remediation.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents an analysis of selected methods of remediation of land and groundwater, performed on the site in the ground (ie. in-situ) or on the treated plot, as alternatives to soil excavation treating, often many kilometers outside the investments (ex-situ). The choice of the appropriate method depends on the geological and environmental conditions, the type and the volume of pollutant concentrations and the planned development of the land. Remediation methods are designed to reduce the negative impact of hazardous substances on the environment and on human health, who may be exposed to the pollution.

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