Lokalizacja i likwidacja pustek podziemnych w masywie skał triasowych narażonych na oddziaływanie deformacyjne ze strony podbierającej eksploatacji złoża karbońskiego

Grzegorz Strozik, Rafał Jendruś


Localization and Liquidation of Underground Voids in Triassic Rock Mass Endangered By Deformations from The Side of Carboniferous Beds Mining.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents analysis of geophysical tests conducted in Triassic strata and the roof of the carboniferous formation, course of fill operations, and assessment of their results, for purposes of an investment located in Czeladź, on the post-mining area of mine “Saturn”. Electrical resistance survey (ERS) demonstrated presence of numerous low – and high resistive anomalies located both in Triassic and carboniferous strata. ERS data, analysis of geological profiles, fill operations, post-completion ERS, and other observations, allowed evaluation of the ground surface safety in terms of mine subsidence appearance and formulation of recommendations for building designers. Conducted fill operations showed presence of voids, mainly in the eastern part of the investment, which have been filled up in the range of individual bore holes. Post-completion ERS demonstrated increase of electrical resistivity particularly at places, where it was before filling of voids. This observation indicates reduction of precipitation waters migration, hence slowing or even elimination of erosion and suffusion phenomena, supporting the development of voids, followed by their filling with loose material from the soft overburden rocks. Conducted works should provide sufficient stability of the investment area as well as ensure appropriate conditions for foundation of the building, especially in the context of compactness of the ground.

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