Charakterystyki odkształceniowe lessów południowo-wschodniej Polski

Zbigniew Frankowski, Paweł Pietrzykowski


Displacement parameters of loesslike soils from southeastern Poland.
A b s t r a c t. Basing on the experience of numerous years of research in southeastern Poland at two test areas, the paper presents results of chosen stress-strain parameters taken on loess and loesslike soils. The effects of laboratory investigations and field tests were collected into several correlations for future assessment of definitely important displacement parameters scrutinizing for civil engineering purposes on these problematic soils. Geotechnical investigations reporting and research experience shows that fine-grained loesslike sediments are taken as tricky soils because of geotechnical parameters located often between non-cohesive soils with dominating sand fraction and cohesive soils where clays dictate the soils’ behavior.

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