Wpływ drgań na stateczność skarp wybranych kopalń odkrywkowych

Michał Kowalski, Stanisław Rybicki, Jerzy Flisiak


Influence of vibrations on slopes stability of selected open-pit mines.
A b s t r a c t. Ground vibrations, as a result of seismic or paraseismic reactions, influence the slopes stability. The source of vibrations in the open-pit mines are mainly explosive materials used for crushing rocks or hard soils. Our results show some examples of paraseismic effects caused by the explosive materials use on slope stability. The methods of stability analysis of open-pit slopes resulted from explosive shocks, are also discussed.
The examples of pseudo static and full dynamic method of slopes stability analysis are presented as well. Application of pseudo static method for evaluation of slopes stability gives underrated value of stability factor in comparison of full dynamic method and also of real situations in mines. Impact of vibration on the slopes stability showed not only the direct mechanical effects (additional forces), but also indirect influence that caused fissures and micro cracks of the soils. It caused weakness of the mechanical strength of slope material.

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