Zastosowanie testowych czujników pomiaru temperatury w quasi-przestrzennych (3D) sieciach pomiarowych w hydrotechnicznych budowlach ziemnych – wyniki wstępne

Aleksandra Borecka, Klaudia Sekuła, Daniel Kessler, Patryk Majerski


Application of testing temperature sensors for quasi-dimensional (3D) measurement systems used in measuring hydrotechnical earthworks – prelilinary results.
A b s t r a c t. Thispaperpresents thetestpoint temperature sensors, designed for the ISMOP project. The point temperature sensors allow for full realization of spatial measurement by using a distributed measurement based
on MESH type topology. The designed solutions described the selection and design of all elements of the sensors. It is also described how to install them at the existing levee. Applied construction and method of selection of the location of the point temperature sensors allow monitoring of levees in the quasi-spatial (3D) system, what is an alternative to termomonitoring performed by means of optical fibers.

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