Badania geofizyczne i klasyfikacje geotechniczne w ocenie stateczności karpackich zboczy fliszowych

Zbigniew Bestyński, Grzegorz Pacanowski, Edmund Sieinski


Geophysical investigation and geotechnical classifications for stability assessment of carpathian flysch slopes.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the possibility of using complex geophysical investigations and geotechnical classification to identify geological structure and assess the stability of Carpathian landslides. The possibility of using seismic surveys to determine the landslide slope geometry necessary to analyze the computational stability has been indicated. In the paper authors present the possibility of geotechnical classification of the flysch KFG basis on the geophysical parameters in connection with the SMR classification proposed by M. Romana, for a rapid quantitative assessment of flysch slope stability. Examples of geophysical investigation of landslides and their stability are described on the basis of the KFG and SMR classification. The proper slope stability assessment has been pointed out as a major factor contributing to safe foundation and operation of engineering structures, especially hydrotechnical structure.

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