Dokumentowanie geologiczne na potrzeby posadowienia obiektów naukowej stacji badawczej w warunkach polarnych

Paweł Pietrzykowski, Paweł Dobak, Ewa Krogulec2 Krogulec, Tomasz Krogulec2 Krogulec, Jerzy Ma³ecki2 Małecki


Geological investigations reporting in polar conditions for civil engineering at the example of the construction of research station.
A b s t r a c t. The methodological experience and the results of observation and research have been presented as a part of an expert geological and engineering study for the planned extension of the Henryk Arctowski Polar Station on the coast of King George Island in the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica. The object is realized in an area requiring recognition of specific geodynamic conditions. According to technical requirements coming from the conceptual design project of the station (Kuryłowicz and Associates, 2015) it was necessary to adopt a non-standard research program. Engineering and geological characteristics are presented in comparison with geoenvironmental considerations. The assessment of soil and rock properties was carried out in relation to the results of observations and determinations of parameters that could be assessed in the coarse-grained
soils and rocks in the area of the designed object.

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