Ocena parametrów filtracyjnych iłów warwowych ze stanowiska Plecewice k. Sochaczewa w warunkach in situ

Piotr Zawrzykraj


Assessment of permeability parameters of in situ tested varved clays from Plecewice near Sochaczew.
A b s t r a c t. Vistulian Glaciation ice-dammed lake clays with a varved texture were investigated. The study was focused on numerical determination of horizontal permeability depending on the depth and clay content. Direct assessment of these parameters is a rather complex and time-consuming issue. Therefore, a shortened methodology is offered based on the obtained relationships and the analysis of the dissipation process of excess pore pressure. The studies included mainly in situ tests: Marchetti dilatometer test (DMT) and BAT piezometer test. These methods allowed obtaining the values of the coefficient of permeability kh and changeability of pore pressure u0 in a vertical profile. Investigations included 17 permeability tests using a BAT piezometer and 6 measurements of the coefficient of permeability kh, based on dissipation DMT tests. Results of in situ tests were compared with laboratory test results of the clay content. Values of the horizontal coefficient of permeability kh were correlated with the clay content fi of varved clays. This relationship shows a high coefficient of correlation. A new formula was also proposed for the prediction of the coefficient of permeability kh in varved clays based on the pore pressure u0 stabilization curve, and thus shortening significantly the process of the coefficient kh determination.

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