Wybrane aspekty podziemnego magazynowania wodoru

Radosław Tarkowski


Some aspects of underground hydrogen storage.
A b s t r a c t. The article describes the subject of underground hydrogen storage in the context of energy storage using hydrogen as a carrier, and shows its role in the Polish energy policy. The review of the most recent papers was performed to provide the information about hydrogen properties and options for underground hydrogen storage (salt caverns, depleted hydrocarbons fields, deep aquifers) in Poland. Analysis of the literature indicates small practical experiences in the underground hydrogen storage. The behaviour of underground-stored hydrogen is more complex than expected. Previous results indicate that this option may in future become the preferred solution for storing excess electricity related to the irregular supply from renewable sources. Geological formations can provide the possibility of storing energy on a medium- and long-term time scale. Knowledge of the underground storage of carbon dioxide and other gases will be useful for searching of sites for underground storage of this gas. Due to the planned increasing share of renewable energy in electricity production in Poland, the issue of underground hydrogen storage will become increasingly relevant.

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