Przestrzenne zmienności parametrów wytrzymałościowych gruntów organicznych i ich szacowanie na podstawie sondowań geotechnicznych – przykład zapory w Nieliszu (województwo lubelskie)

Simon Rabarijoely


The spatial variation of the shear strength parameters of organic soils and their estimation based on in situ tests – a case study of the Nelisz dam (Lublin Voivodeship).
A b s t r a c t. This paper presents the problem of parameter selection in geotechnical engineering design. The statistical methods with a literature review to estimate the characteristic parameter value are described. The literature review includes the description of the geotechnical parameters used for statistical analysis. In addition, the field tests (CPT and DMT) are presented together with the interpretation of the obtained results. The empirical relationships serving to calculate the parameter values were analyzed. Then, the Nielisz embankment was characterized, where the object for which studies were subjected to the CPT and DMT tests. Finally, the selected parameters using the statistical method of classical and bayesian approach were determined.

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