Z MINIONYCH CZASÓW Profesor Jerzy Znosko – tektonik, stratygraf, odkrywca złóż

Jerzy B. Miecznik


Professor Jerzy Znosko – tectonicist, stratigrapher, discoverer of deposits.
A b s t r a c t. Professor Jerzy Znosko (1922–2017), Polish geologist, graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, student of Professor Marian Książkiewicz, connected his entire professional life with the Polish Geological Institute in Warsaw. Initially, Professor Znosko worked on the Jurassic, especially Middle Jurassic stratigraphy in the Polish Lowlands, and sedimentary iron ore deposits in this series (Łęczyca deposit). In subsequent years, he was concerned with prospecting for iron ore deposits in the East European Precambrian Platform (Craton). In 1962, Professor Znosko discovered the large vanadium-bearing ilmenite-magnetite deposit in the Suwałki Anorthosite Massif (Krzemianka). Professor Znosko was one of the most prominent regional geologists and tectonicists of the Polish Lowlands. He was a supporter of the view on the existence of the Caledonian Orogen along the SW margin of the East European Precambrian Platform (Craton) (so-called circum-Fennoscandian branch of the Caledonides), and was developing this idea for a long time. Results of his research have found their manifestations on international tectonic maps of Europe, including the 1998 Tectonic Atlas of Poland, being his crowning achievement.

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