Pierwiastki ziem rzadkich (REE) w wodach powierzchniowych i podziemnych Polski na tle innych krajów Europy

Irena A. Wysocka, Adam Porowski, Anna M. Rogowska, Dorota Kaczor-Kurzawa


Rare earth elements (REE) in surface and ground waters of Poland in comparison to other European countries.
A b s t r a c t. This article is focused on the aspects related to the occurrence and the behavior of REE in hydrosphere. Particular attention is given to the natural waters of Europe including Poland. The data shown in this work are based on the studies and discussions published elsewhere, as well as on own investigations of REE concentrations in the natural waters of Poland (ground- and surface waters). The aim of this article is to present information on REE in different types of waters (ocean, ground- and surface waters). Potential sources of REE in the selected waters and factors affecting their concentrations and distribution patterns (signatures) are discussed. The input of REE originating from human activity is indicated and some examples of anthropogenic factors are presented. Additionally, some general information on natural REE abundances in various environmental compartments and their applications in the industry are provided. The potential influence of some major components on determination of europium content in water samples during measurements by mass spectrometry is also explained.

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