Zastosowanie analizy przestrzennej do oceny jakości kopaliny na przykładzie wybranych złóż torfów leczniczych północnej Polski

Barbara Kiełczawa, Michał Kamiński


The use of spatial analysis in the study of mineral quality exemplified by selected medicinal peats of northern Poland.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents the results of the analysis of selected physicochemical parameters of medicinal peats extracted in northern Poland. For the purpose of this study the statistical analysis was performed for samples from documentation and operation periods. In addition, the spatial distribution analysis was done for average samples (using the Surfer14). The content of organic components in the dry matter and the sedimentary volume from the Wieniec B and Bronowo deposits was determined. Analysis of the spatial distribution of parameters facilitates the location of deposit with the best or inferior parameters, and thus
enabling us to plan the rational utilization of extracted peat.

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