Zawartość części lotnych w węglach kamiennych – parametr nie tylko chemiczno-technologiczny

Martin Sivek, Jakub Jirásek, Lada Hýlová, Zbigniew Mirkowski


Volatile matter content of the bituminous coal – not only chemical-technological parameter.
A b s t r a c t. The volatilematter content is one of the most common chemical-technological parameters that have been determined for the vast majority of samples taken from the bituminous coal seams for more than 100 years. Its meaning is essentially triple. The oldest and also most well-known is its use for the determination of the degree of coalification (rank) of coal, but also of certain chemical-technological properties of coal (especially cokeability).With the development of coal geology and sedimentology, as well as the increasing importance of energy raw materials in the nation's economy, new ways of using the values of the volatile matter content have emerged. One of them was the study of the history of geological development of sedimentary, especially coal basins, the management of the mining industry economy, as well as the assessment and formulation of raw materials policy of the state. From a test originally designed to assess the suitability of coal for coking, it has become a parameter used in the field of geology, economy and raw materials policy of the state.

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